Interview: Before….. While…..   After……

Points to be noted

Once I went for an interview for the post of Sr. PHP developer at EXA – an Australian based company. That interview continued for 4 hours. My English was poor so HR (looking fat but beautiful) asked me
Q1: What do you do to improve your english?
Ans: I refer Yahoo News and Times Of India to improve it(Actually I did not).Then her second question was

Q2: What is today’s head line in the Times Of India?

Ans: I read Occasionally

and the third question was

Q3: What is what are the latest technology news?

Ans: Google launched Google+ (Though it took more than 1 month ;-))

After Interview while going back home I realized that I was tensed. I tried to find out reason. I got

reason that HR took my Interview was beautiful. For the question to improve english I could have replied that I read english novels. If she would ask me again which novels then I could have answered : Three Mistakes Of My Life – Chetan Bhagat and Secrete – Rhonda Byrne. Because I have actually read those novels.