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Hi! Finally Caught You…

Greetings… Happy to see YOU in my play ground.

My Story lies from the 98 marks of std. 10th’s maths to 47% 😦 in the 12th science to 71% 🙂 to diploma to 65% in BE Computer. A lot many magical moments happened during this period. These Memories train had so many stations. One girl touched my heart, Proposed her, Bunking Biology tuition and learning Biology in garden with her, poor percentage in 12th science then studying diploma in Ahmadabad: Long Distance Never Work 😦 . Then Admission In BE and then A SMALL WONDER fell in love with me and finally I fell again. And Still many more. These memories are indelible.

I have collected some stars in my space journey. Those stars are my friends in form of GOD helped me different conditions.

By the way leave it now

Never dreamed that I shall be working in Mumbai – World’s 6th most expensive city for office space and The city that never sleeps in India. But I am so happy that I am living here paying $180.00/month. Journey to office consumes complete 1 hour but I use this time in reading books and thinking and of course watching traffic!!! But what ever, I liked here. Thank you Mumbai for giving me a space. Hey God Thank you so much…

Thoughts : Continuous thinking. Ya I know everybody thinks but How nice if only selected thoughts can come in mind. Sometimes I go on wrong way while thinking. How nice if only selected thoughts can come in mind.

We will have nice time.

Thank you by dropping here.

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(Rajan Rawal)