Technology – The word did not had any wide spread influence and enthusiasm, but it has changed just in last decade. But now a days it has become the twitter’s trending # tag. New Technologies have changed the way of living life a lot and still continue. Then how all of a sudden the word “Technology” came in picture? Point to think.

For me, only factor is the mobile technology. With rapid transition and a mass influence it the key factory of influence in today’s technology. Desktop computers, you can’t carry anywhere. Laptops you can carry everywhere but you can’t call from it ( without skype ), also not as handy as any smart mobile phone and tablets are.

Any human being is living in society so each of one are social and so we have society. We are connected, mobile phones make our friends and relatives more closer. We love to keep in touch, we love to convey message, too fast. We want prompt action. We want everything ready for us at our time. And smart phones now  a days is the only solution around this.

The smartphone technology has the key factory to bring available service to end user at user’s finger tips. Earlier days we used it to call, to message, for alarm and some pre-installed 2-3 2d games. That is it. And now its usage are countless. Each day thousands of mobile apps are getting ready to reach end users and Users have gone dependent on technologies. Some interesting are:

Banking app: Providing Banking solutions like amount transfer, credit card payment, bill payment No need to go to bank.

Stock Market Apps: You can have real-time status on your portfolio. You can sell/buy yourself.

Job Portals App: The ratio of job change has increased drastically. You can search for new job via mobile app and your boss can not even know that you are planning jump somewhere.

Matrimony App: In India, we prefer to go traditional and our parents to find a good partner for us. Even this is available in form of app. So parents hassle gone away.

Online Shopping apps and yet lot more.

Have you ever ordered pizza online on Dominos site or not? They shows you at what stage your pizza preparation is!

Apps are there for everything you need.

The complete world is getting available  at your finger tip just unlock your mobile with your finger tips.

It feels like entering into app galaxy. Just unlock to enter in the worlds of apps.

The key factor is “Touch”. Doing everything with gesture. That gives fun to all of us from children to adults and aged ones. We love bigger and bigger screen but we want it to be handy at same time. And solution is Tablet Mobile cum PC. Most of time I have felt that how nice it would be that I could have one flexible keyboard with mobile so that I can use my device as laptop when I’m in office and in rest I can enjoy as tablet. And I see my this imagination to come true via which is all in one for me.

The ASUS Transformer Book T100 is going to buzz in gadget market in coming year. Its 2 in 1, tablet cum PC. Sitting in cafeteria or at office you can use it as Laptop otherwise have fun like Tablet and enjoy your freedom. When you’ll get what all you want in one thing, 2GHZ processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB storage, WiFi, camera, Faster USB3.0  you’ll fall in love with it.

Have a look At ASUS Transformer Book T100 which is 2 in 1 ultra-portable 10 inch laptop cum  tablet that you’ll fall in love.

It will keep you engaged with it, you’ll feel like TRANSFORMED!